Internet Journal of Airway Management



Volume 7 (January 2012 to December 2013)


Zadrobilek E, Krasser K, Missaghi SM, Puchner W, Trimmel H, Genzwuerker H, Thierbach A, Greif R, Priebe HJ (for the Austrian Working Group for Airway Management). Recommendations of the Austrian Working Group for Airway Management: Tracheal Extubation Strategies




These recommendations for tracheal extubation strategies in adult patients were initiated by an open discussion forum organized by our working group in March 2012. Severe problems associated with airway management after tracheal extubation and during emergence from general anesthesia (GA) may occur as frequent as during induction of GA and tracheal intubation with a high morbidity and mortality (10, 23). Unfortunately, less attention is focused on the problems associated with tracheal extubation and emergence from GA (8).


We studied published guidelines and recommendations for the management of the difficult airway; furthermore, we reviewed the current literature with emphasis on tracheal extubation strategies. Based on these reviews, available evidence, and expert opinions and taking into account national preferences and equipment availabilty, we generated these recommendations for in order to assist the Austrian anesthesia community in individual decision-making particularly in high-risk tracheal extubations.



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