Internet Journal of Airway Management


Volume 7 (January 2012 to December 2013)


Zadrobilek E. The Rendell-Baker-Soucek Pediatric Face Masks: Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Published Description





In 1962, Leslie Rendell-Baker, at this time anesthetist in Cleveland (Ohio, United States), and Donald Henry Soucek, a dental graduate rotating through anesthesia as resident, communicated the development of new face masks (FMs) adapted to anatomic features of growing pediatric patients published in the British Medical Journal (2). Rendell-Baker was unsatisfied with the available pediatric FMs because they fitted poorly and had a large dead space. Soucek suggested to make direct facial moulds for modelling anatomically shaped FMs for pediatric patients of different ages (1).  



Development of the Anatomially Shaped Face Masks

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