Internet Journal of Airway Management


Volume 7 (January 2012 to December 2013)


Zadrobilek E. The Rendell-Baker-Soucek Pediatric Face Masks: Fiftieth Anniversary of the First Published Description


Commercial Production and Early Experiences in Anesthetic Practice



Rendell-Baker and Soucek intended that their face masks (FMs) will be produced of clear plastic material but the early manufacturers insisted on black conductive rubber versions. They first became commercially available from Medical Industrial Equipment (London, United Kingdom). These FMs without an inflatable rim were made in four sizes (from 0 to 3) with different shapes fitting for premature infants up to pediatric patients of 6 years; they already incorporated the newly adopted adult 22-mm female connector fitting.


These new pediatric FMs required only firm pressure to obtain an airtight seal and had a significantly reduced dead space compared to available pediatric FMs at this time (2, 3). They allowed inhalational anesthesia also for longer-lasting peripheral surgical procedures as alternative to tracheal intubation. The Rendell-Baker-Soucek FMs soon became standard for FM ventilation and anesthesia in pediatric patients but no independent evaluations by others were made during the following years; pediatric anesthetists were obviously satisfied with their performance.   




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