Internet Journal of Airway Management



Volume 5 (January 2008 to December 2009)


Zadrobilek E, Krasser K, Puchner W, Missaghi SM, Marian F (for the Austrian Working Group for Airway Management). Recommendations of the Austrian Working Group for Airway Management: Strategies for the Management of the Unanticipated Difficult Airway




We studied the published guidelines and recommendations and evaluated strategies for the management of the difficult airway (DA); furthermore, we reviewed the current literature with emphasis on preparatory provisions and evaluated backup devices applied for DA management. Based on these reviews and available evidence, we generated these recommendations, primarily intended for adult patients, in order to assist the Austrian anesthesia community in decision-making and formulating departmental strategies. The nationwide implementation of preformulated and practiced departmental strategies for the management of the unanticipated DA and the management of difficult tracheal extubation may improve patient care and prevent adverse outcomes associated with inadequate or failed airway access.




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