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Ernst Zadrobilek, MD

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Dear Dr. Ernst Zadrobilek:



We submitted a manuscript with the title as stated above in electronic form for possible publication in the Internet Journal of Airway Management.


 By signing this form the authors certify that

(1) the submitted manuscript has not been published or submitted elsewhere for publication, in whole or in part, or has appeared elsewhere in a manner that could be construed as a prior or duplicate publication of the same, or very similar work;
(2) they have participated in the design, execution, and/or analysis of the submitted work;
(3) they attest to the validity and legitimacy of the data in the submitted manuscript and the accuracy of their interpretation and presentation;
(4) they have written the submitted manuscript; and that 
(5) they have read the final version of the submitted manuscript and agree with is content.

In the Statements of the submitted manuscript we disclosed
(1) the sources of financial support for the work, including departmental and institutional funding, and corporate sponsors;
(2) any possible commercial associations that might pose a conflict of interest in connection with the work such as consultancies, equity interests, patent holding and/or licensing arrangements; and
(3) the meetings at which the work has been presented (name, date, and location).

In the Acknowledgements of the submitted manuscript we listed all individuals and organizations to be acknowledged for assisting the work, including statistical review. The authors obtained written permission from persons acknowledged by name.

We certify that human experimentation conformed to ethical standards, and was approved by the appropriate Institutional Review Board. Statements concerning the Institutional Review Board approval and the consent procedures appear in the Legal and Ethical Considerations at the beginning of the section Methods of the submitted manuscript.

In the case, that patients are recognizable in photographs or any multimedia content we provided written consent obtained from the subjects involved. 

For use of any material from a previously published document we provided written permission obtained from the author and the editor and publisher (the permission will be added to the covering letter). 

The undersigned authors transfer all copyright ownership of the manuscript to the Austrian Difficult Airway/Intubation Registry in the event the article is published in the
Internet Journal of Airway Management.


The undersigned authors (do not) consent in the presentation of their submitted manuscript at the homepage of the Internet Journal of Airway Management during the peer-review process via the site Manuscripts Undergoing the Peer-Review Process.



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