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Racz Laryngoscope Blade



This section is contributed by Ernst Zadrobilek, MD, (Vienna, Austria), and will be regularly updated to take account of comments on this version.


Last updated: August 12, 2001.



In 1984, Gabor B Racz (Lubbock, Texas, USA) reported on a change in the design of commercially available Macintosh laryngoscope blades (Anaesthesia 39:1249-1250, 1984).

The version of the Macintosh laryngoscope blade first presented by Sir Robert Reynolds Macintosh in 1943 had a markedly flattened midportion (Lancet 1:205, 1943). Largely due to manufacturing considerations (see Jephcott), the flattened midportion disappeared and the blade assumed an entire curved shape (a possible cause for inhibiting direct visualization of laryngeal structures). The Racz improved-vision Macintosh laryngoscope blade sought to correct this perceived disadvantage. The original Racz improved-vision laryngoscope blade was manufactured by Amtec Medical Products (Santa Fe Springs, California, USA). 





Raccz GB: Imroved vision modification the Macintosh laryngocope. Anaesthesia 39:1249-1250, 1984.

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